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Error message documentation

A manual page that lists all the errors the platform can generate, and what they mean, would be useful.

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Thanks Thomas - thats a good idea - we will look into adding that.

Any news about this?

Especially, documentation about errors not specific to a request, such as time-outs in the client, and the script execution time-out error.

Hey Baris,

If you go to the client api docs here you will see that there are error codes documented for each platform. Does this help?


bump! I would like this, too. I am implementing common error handler like "timeout", now.


There do seem to be a number of undocumented codes. For example, FacebookConnectRequest gives "response.Errors.JSON: {"FACEBOOK":"NOT_CONFIGURED"}" when I've not got Facebook set up in my project, which is fine - I would expect an error like this, but it's not here:

I just received an"{"error":"timeout"}" error result for an (intentionally) failed DeviceAuthenticationRequest, but I don't see this possibility mentioned anywhere in the docs. Is there any hope of locating a more up to date list of other possible responses for DeviceAuthenticationRequest and other types of request? I am using the Unity client API. Thanks!


Those are fine for describing errors for specific requests (though a short example of the general error format could be useful for beginners).. But there are also more general errors that I haven't come across in the docs, such as 'script execution timeout error' in cloud scripts, or ClientError/timeout on the client side. 

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