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support for Kongregate API connection

With Kongregate being a high userbase of just games, I think it would be a good idea to be able to connect the Kong api into this, similar to the facebook and twitter.

This in effect would open a much wider userbase specifically for gamers and not just social network.  Kongregate has the ability for microtransactions similar to facebook for virtual currency and supports a number of api connection abilities.

I realise it's not currently on the roadmap for Gamesparks due to no current requests for it, but there are only a few backend servers similar to you, and the most popular for Kong developers was Player.IO, which has been brought out by Yahoo Games Network, and now have extremely slow and unsupportive support.. even forum questions take weeks for an answer.

This is definitely an area your team can pick up the market they have lost with you excellent support service and rapid response times. :)

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Thanks for this.  We will definitely put it on the backlog - then will wait to see how much demand there is before scheduling it.  So ... basically folks ... if you want support for Kongregate added please say so here!

Kind regards,


Kongregate support would be a great feature!!!

We have added this to the product backlog and will let you know when it is scheduled for release.



Much appreciated.  Good to know you take suggestions to heart and action the improvements John.  Shows a deep commitment to the growth and development of the server and makes me glad to have chosen you over yahoo games network :)

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