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It would be nice to have a page or a thread, or something where customers can see planned features, and what you intend to add/fix in the future. It is useful because it shows us your development priorities and makes us happier by seeing what you plan on adding in the near future. And if you don't have something on the roadmap we can notice it and add it to the feature requests if we really need it. It would eliminate duplicate feature requests or requesting something that is already planned. It would also help users understand that gamesparks is an actively developed service you are trying to improve and not something that is on hold and only bugfixes are being developed. It also helps customers visualise the potential of gamesparks and wether they should choose it as their provider over some other provider that might not be their optimal choice, but has a feature that they want. If the same feature is already planned, they might want to wait a few months for it instead of switching/choosing another provider.

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Hi Ana
Thanks, that's a good idea.we will put it in our backlog.


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