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Buying same virtual good with different currency

When creating virtual goods we are offered currencies. But it is unclear what it actually means, for example, if my item has set up 10 "currency 1" and 20 "currency 2", does that mean that the player needs to give 10 "currency 1" AND 20 "currency 2" to buy the item. Or does it mean that the player can buy the item with either 10 "currency 1" OR 20 "currency 2". 

I assume you meant the former, but why not allow the player to buy the item with different amounts of different currencies? Or rather, to give each virtual good a currency combination with which it can be bought?

Hi Ana

It's currently an OR, however, you can implement AND style functionality with cloud code if it does not work for you. We have other clients using this pattern.


Ah, so that's what it is. Thank you for your response!

I like it being an OR since that is what I currently need. But it would be nice to be able to specify the different AND and OR combinations without using cloud code. I'm sure that's a feature that many people do have a need of. I might need it in the future games too.
I assume most things can be covered by cloud code, which is great, but there are things that shouldn't need to be covered by cloud code.

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