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Named virtual currencies

I'd like to be able to name the currencies so I don't have to check each time to see which currency I assigned to nb.1 and which I assigned to nb.2.

And, in fact, where would I even check? By checking what items can be bought with what? I have to write down which currency is which.

The entire idea of having a fixed number of currencies and accessing them via specialized method just for that one currency is bizarre. Why not have a method where one can pass a currency index OR currency name to work with currencies? Whose idea was it to give 6 methods for each of the currencies? As a programmer, the entire idea reeks of bad object-oriented design and makes me cringe.

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Hi Ana

I do agree, the pattern is not so pretty, but it's there for historical reasons more than anything.

We started with 3, and had an urgent feature request from a customer to support 5. There is a ticket in our backlog to support variable, index based currencies and at that time we'll deprecate the current accessor methods. 

The change is not entirely trivial though and we can't make a change like this quickly, as we have to maintain backwards compatibility with our current live clients. Sometimes you have to balance pure design with pragmatism!

Having the names against currencies is also in our backlog, it is something that will be dealt with in the coming weeks.


Thank you for your response!

It is great that you value your customers enough to change things quickly on their demand!

And I understand the need for quick fixes/features in certain situations. I just wanted to point it out.

Looking forward to named currencies.

We also think this would be helpful.

Noted - will try and get into one of the up and coming sprints.

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Was this ever done? Can I name the 6 currencies? 

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i still see the 6 currencies..

Hi Elizabeth,

Custom Currencies can be defined on the Portal. This documentation page covers how to do this. If you have any further questions just let us know.



yeah this problem still exists. That last response from Customer Support ignores the point of the post. The present currency idea means there are 2 concepts of how to track currency. Instead of having codenames or ids, instead of you have to hard code "currency_1" to be your "gold" or whatever. It's a very very against the rules of proper programming setup

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